Dena ​began her yoga practice over 26 years ago with the pregnancy of the first of her 4 children. Over the years, her practice transformed from the occasional dabbling for fun and stress relief to a dedicated, daily, traditional Ashtanga Yoga practice. As a major yoga instructor at Nike World Headquarters, she has worked in groups and one-on-one with world renowned athletes, product development, and has studied cutting edge performance advances.​ She has administered and instructed in multiple world-wide yoga teacher trainings, both 200 hr and 500 hr levels.

Dena’s classes are informed by her many years of practice, both yoga and as a midwife, her deep love and continuing studies of the body’s structure, function and dysfunction, both subtle and gross. She specializes in a more athletic, intelligent, ​and inquisitive ​class that is challenging, empowering, as well as deeply therapeutic.

Please see Dena’s upcoming retreat on Maui.

Dena Zembel